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Andrew Dahlquist is a 2021 ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship Quarterfinalist and an award-winning music producer (Satelle) having achieved Runner Up in Coldcut's 'Samples From Heaven' contest (2017) via Ninja Tune Records and Ahead of Our Time Records.

Andrew believes in pioneer thinking, mental cross-training, and finding the happy-medium between M.C. Escher and M.C. Hammer. His work philosophy combines neuroplasticity, slapstick comedy, and a Leonard Bernstein quote which tells us that achieving great things requires a plan and not enough time.

Andrew has no clue why this is being written in the third person. Make no mistake -- Andrew is indeed the author and wonders if this could be a Black Mirror or Charlie Kaufman production in which Andrew is literally, and figuratively, an autobiographer stuck inside of his own short bio section. Help. SOS.

Writer currently has no listed scripts.