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As Production Director for a commercial media company, my interest in story and creation originates from a childhood desire to become a literary agent. As a rural nerdy student, I couldn't forsee how to create this possibility so I instead majored in economics. Good call! After burning out as a researcher for the Federal Reserve Bank, I found inspiration and a possible new career path working on a documentary about an Ohio serial killer. The experience exemplified the power of intent, narrative and framing when shaping story. It also honed in on the impact of budgets. My zeal for content creation was further strengthened as creative services director at a CBS affiliate, writing and directing commercials. During this time I placed as a second-rounder in Austin Film Festival for the one-hour pilot script, The Longsufferers.

As I currently create copy for ad agencies and manage crews and shoots for commercial productions, I'm focusing on opportunities to share my perspective of women-centered stories across various socio-economic strata. Feel free to reach out with your encouragement, critiques and opportunities.

Writer currently has no listed scripts.