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For the first time in May 1978, I wrote a comedy stage play at the school's annual function. Then write a lot of comedy stage shows for Karachi stage. Write several serious plays for Radio Pakistan. I also wrote for Pakistan Television. Then many new TV channels came, then I am writing drama serials, drama series, comedy telefilms, and TV shows for all of them.

Chanar Ghati. (Drama Serial. Horror. Revenge.)

It happens too. (Drama Series. Family issues. Corrective.)

Behind the faces, (Drama Series. Family Crime. Investigation.)

The goat is a millionaire. (Telefilm. Comedy.)

Who am I? (Telefilm. Horror. Mystery.)

All this work is written in Urdu. I am still working constantly.

I have also created some stories which are very suitable for English films. So I've been working on it for a few months now. I have written a screenplay of some English short films.

Mother's Day. (Horror. Mystery. Family.)

Alone Girl. (Horror. Mystery. Drama.)

Oh my wife. (Full Comedy.)

Survival. (Environmental pollution. Thriller.)

Apart from these, I have also written screenplays for some feature films.

The Writer. (Psycho. Thriller. Family. Drama.)

Lady Rambo. (Full Action. Thriller.)

One billion dollars. (Full Comedy.)

There are so many weird, wonderful, fantastic, fictional, unique ideas in my treasury right now. I'm working on them over time.

To contact me:

WhatsApp: + 92 321 928 48 98.

E-mail: [email protected]

Thank you so much for reading about me.


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Muhammad Amin Rana. (Amin).

Sam is getting one billion dollars in inheritance on the condition that he marries his two cousins. Sam and his cousins hate each other. Intense hatred, on the one hand, one billion dollars on the other???


Muhammad Amin Rana. (Amin).
Mystery & Suspense

At midnight, Sofia stands alone on a deserted road. Sam puts Sofia in his car. Sam wants to have a good time with Sofia. Sofia does some mysterious things. Sam is scared. Who is Sofia???


Muhammad Amin Rana. (Amin).
Action & Adventure

In a small city, the reign of the Pharaoh of the time is established. A female police officer won a long battle with them but lost her family.


Muhammad Amin Rana. (Amin).
Horror Family

A beautiful girl lives in this world even after death, just to take care of her mother.