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Amanda grew up in Maryland, surrounded by a big Catholic family, and wrote stories before she could spell words. Having moved through the immense loss of close friends at a young age, Amanda loves exploring deep emotions of grief, strong family bonds, and female friendships within her writing work. She tends to explore these topics through a horror and psychological thriller lens. Amanda lives in Los Angeles. When she is not writing she is spending time with her girlfriend, an attorney, with whom she swears she doesn't argue (for obvious reasons). Amanda's favorite show of all time is The X-Files. Her current dream shows to write on are Yellow Jackets or Mike Flannagan's next limited series.

Special Skills


Amanda Young
Mystery & Suspense Drama

In 1897 Chicago, a police captain set to move to Tennessee with his wife and sick baby, must remain in the city to solve his final case - a madman, kidnapping women with beautiful eyes to replace his own.


Amanda Young; Arian Nabavian
Comedy Action & Adventure

Austin Kingsley and her three best friends are growing up and becoming the powerhouse women they always knew they'd be. From law, to music, to photography and advertising, we follow Austin, Reagan, Mary and Lauren through their adventures in career, sex, drugs and relationships; all the while with Austin asking the question - can the good times in life outweigh the painful heartbreak?