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Alston Jones is from Charleston, SC and lives in Atlanta, GA. A 2013 graduate of SCAD-Atlanta with his MFA in Animation, his thesis film premiered at the 2014 Dragon Con Film Festival. Since then, he has worked as an animator and artist. His pilot script, Charles Towne was an Official Finalist in the 2016 World Series of Screenwriting.

Known For
Be Better Than Equal


Alston Jones
Drama Action & Adventure

Charleston is where the Old South began and Henry Woodward, a humble ship's surgeon, would become its first settler. In a world full of masters and slaves, soldiers and pirates, Woodward struggles for survival on the American frontier with the help of Native allies. In 1665, the owners of Carolina, the Lords Proprietors, commission Sir John Yeamans as Governor. Yeamans sends Woodward on an expedition to found a colony at Port Royal, Carolina. In this serialized anthology the story of this city's rise and fall is told through the intertwining lives of its citizens, both famous and forgotten, starting with its founding resident, Dr. Henry Woodward.