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Alison Flierl is a Writer/Producer/Performer/Podcaster/Girl Who Likes Slashes. She wrote for “BoJack Horseman”on Netflix and “School Of Rock” on Nickelodeon. Alison co-created and co-starred in the comedy digital series “Internet Comment Theater" for Mashable.

She’s written and performed in sketches on “Conan” on TBS. Her work has been featured in Cannes International Film Festival, the LA Comedy Festival, the Austin Film Festival, FilmColumbia Film Festival, the LA Comedy Shorts Festival and Interactive Day San Diego. Alison also hosted and produced the podcast 2 Degrees of Alie where she interviewed people working in Hollywood about their stories of breaking into the business. The podcast has been downloaded in 82 countries.

You can find Alison on Tumblr and Twitter (@2degreesofalie), or at sushi restaurants or ice cream shops around Los Angeles.

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Alison Flierl, Scott Chernoff

Aubrey (think Kristen Bell on "The Good Place") was the original social distancer - she had the whole staying-home-and-avoiding-people thing down long before the pandemic, so the lockdown was her time to shine. But when she gets stuck trying to reach a pop tart that fell behind her washing machine, Aubrey is convinced she's going to die all alone because she's pushed away anyone who might come rescue her. Good thing her annoyingly cheerful neighbor Sabrina (think Ellie Kemper on "Kimmy Schmidt") is undeterred and shows up in the nick of time. So now, just when the virus is cured and the country suddenly returns to normal, Aubrey decides to finally embrace life and allow herself to be part of the world. To figure out how, she'll need a little help from her least favorite person, Sabrina.