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Alexa Oona Schulz

Only revenge can stop the pain for single mother, Rebeca Chavez. Her only and promising teenage son was just gunned down in a drive-by in her L.A. neighborhood. However, when she meets the mother of the shooter and realizes that they are actually on the same side, both victims of male brutality, Rebeca chooses to heal and stop the senseless circle of violence. She now races against all odds to stop the revenge hit she ordered. Is she too late?


Alexa Schulz

LOGLINE: Originally brought to Hamburg, Germany, as a 'human zoo' exhibit, Native American Ida Schober is now, in 1892, the madam of a high-class brothel that she is determined to turn into a legitimate nightclub to maximize her revenue and power. Everything falls apart when Ida loses her powerful benefactor, a shipping magnate. In order to survive, she has to battle her own pride, the jealous son of her former patron, and the city’s elite in a late 19th-century world where human life is cheap and women have no say.