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Alex Barone is a diverse Actor/Writer/Producer born in Baltimore, MD. Alex is known as being the Host/Creator of CryptTV's Docu-Series A Little Different alongside Director Eli Roth, as well Star/Co-Creator of the comedic series entitled Tommy n Bobby alongside Actor/Producer Kurt Yaeger. Alex was also chosen by ABC Network Casting to perform in the 2019 ABC Discover's Talent Showcase. Alex is a congenital amputee and is a major influence among Performers with Disabilities within the Entertainment Industry.

Kurt Yaeger, was a writer in the BlckLst 2019. He is widely recognized for his character Greg the Peg on the hit series Sons of Anarchy. CBS All Access brought Kurt into the new series Tell Me a Story right after he starred in the UK hit comedy film The Festival. He's also known for roles in Quarry, Pure Genius, NCIS: Los Angeles, Shooter, and Shameless. Yaeger is a highly respected member of the SAG/AFTRA committee Performers with Disabilities, and advocates for the inclusion of actors with disabilities in roles not specified for disabled characters. Yaeger is an amputee actor and speaks with network executives, show runners, writers, and casting agents about ways to increase inclusion though understanding and insight. Yaeger is also a former professional X Games athlete.

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