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Aldo Pisano is a Latinx writer/director that specializes in bold and inventive comedy. He was born in San Francisco and raised by South American parents. Early on, Aldo excelled in baseball, freestyle rap, and petty crime.

Aldo loves putting Latinx characters into new worlds. His comedy is visual, often dark, and always meant to entertain rather than preach. He is drawn to themes that explore family reconciliation, mental health, and the humanity of the discarded.

Aldo wrote & directed the ‘60s pilot, "Our Shag Pad", which premiered at the Austin Film Festival and was presented by WB’s Stage 13. It won Best Web Series at Warner Media’s NY Latino Film Festival and Best Web Original at HBO’s Urbanworld.

Aldo sold a half-hour pilot to Turner Broadcasting’s Super Deluxe. In addition, he developed a series with Jared Stern ("LEGO Batman Movie") at WB.

He wrote & directed "When the Bomb Drops" starring Emmy Winner Rachel Bloom of "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend". This project was nominated for an Imagen Award for Best Comedy Web Series.

Currently, his horror-comedy, "Real Zombie Movie", is a finalist for HBO Max’s Latino Short Film Competition.

Aldo’s writing credits include "Ben 10" for Cartoon Network. He has also written for the ABC and CBS Talent Showcases.

Aldo has previously participated in NHMC's TV Writers Program sponsored by ABC and NBC — and Sony’s Diverse Directors Program.

Known For
"Ben 10" at Cartoon Network, "Our Shag Pad" (winner at Urbanworld and N.Y. Latino Film Festival)
Special Skills
Film and Photography

Writer currently has no listed scripts.