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Just a guy writing screenplays.


Alain Leccia
Horror Sci-Fi & Fantasy

When a strange blizzard covers the Earth, a young woman must face the cold and its dangers to reunite with her family.


Alain Leccia
Western Horror

When his wife and daughter are killed by a Satanic Cult, a priest turned gunslinger goes on a manhunt across the state of Louisiana to get his revenge, but when he crosses a powerful family's path and kills their youngest son, the gunslinger bounds himself to a fight against evil spirits plunging a small town into horror and darkness.


Alain Leccia

When a hiker escapes from a creature's nest, she must run for her life despite a broken leg to reach the closest town before the monster catches her, but when a storm hits the county and the town gets evacuated, time is running out before she gets a chance to be rescued.


Alain Leccia
Sci-Fi & Fantasy Mystery & Suspense

In a dystopian future, a young man must defeat a secret organization in order to escape from the most dangerous city of all, Los Angeles.


Alain Leccia
Action & Adventure Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Ready to compete in the infamous Redline race, a young pilot has no other choice but to finish first in order to pay off his family's debts and free his father from slavery. A visually striking adventure set in a distant future where cars are traded for flying vehicles competing in an interplanetary race where Death awaits at every turn.


Alain Leccia
Action & Adventure

When an oil rig vanishes in the Indian Ocean, a saturation diver with Top Secret access is called by the government to investigate, but when a creature awakens and threatens to destroy the world, the diver and his crew must ready for one last dangerous deep dive to save the day. "Top Gun: Maverick" meets "The Abyss".