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I'm not a fan of bios and self explanatory situations. I suppose I wish for my writing to do the talking as my scripts probably say more about me, both good and bad, than I ever could. I am a writer/director/producer looking to just get his stories out into the world. I'm a fan of many genres and have a pipe dream of creating a story for each one.


AJ Resh
Drama Mystery & Suspense

A Hollywood heartthrob looks to break into the A-List by taking on the controversial role as a serial killer. As he dives into a character that will make his career, he begins loosing himself.


AJ Resh

“Hurt” is the story of six very different teenagers suffering from very similar problems leading up to an unfortunate tragedy at their high school that will change their lives forever.


AJ Resh
Mystery & Suspense Drama

A former U.S. soldier who has settled down in the quaint town, Shane has the perfect wife, the perfect house, and the perfect job as the town’s young Chief of Police. His daily routine of mundane small town crimes is a wonderful break from his dark military past. Then… “they” came.Cole and Evan Leben are two brothers who have all the money and free time anyone could ask for. Their big mansion has been the home to lazy days and crazy nights. But a life of sitting by the pool and drinking all day has become tedious. That’s when Cole decides to start a social experiment to explore exactly how far one will go, if the price is right. But what began as entertainment to pass the time quickly becomes a movement so strong that Cole himself can’t help but realize just how much power money can truly buy.This road to power will soon lead to the chief’s small town where the chain of events will alter the lives of all three men. Cole and Evan have evil intentions in mind for the small town and its Chief. But they’ll soon find out that Shane Reznor has a past far more deadly than anything these brothers could ever imagine.