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I am a writer, video content marketer, and agency co-founder from Portland, OR, now based in LA. I studied Psychology, Theater, and Screenwriting at USC, but most of what I've learned about film has come from the Criterion Collection and Andre Bazin. I've lived and worked in Mexico, Botswana, Slovenia, and the Dominican Republic, and I am passionate about sharing independent, underrepresented narratives, which educate and inspire people to see their world in at least a slightly different way.


Adrian Lurie
Mystery & Suspense Drama

1942 Kansas City: a pregnant housekeeper with dreams of making it as a jazz saxophonist gets the opportunity of a lifetime when her childhood friend returns to town with a plan to run away to Harlem, the jazz capital of the world. The only problem? The childhood friend is a wanted woman driving a stolen car.


Adrian Lurie
Drama Mystery & Suspense

When a depraved teen is shipped off to boarding school, and forms a deep, toxic bond with his equally troubled roommate, the increasing realization of a shared traumatic past promises to deconstruct and eventually unite their deepest senses of self.