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Adam’s been engaged as a screenwriter for nearly 20 years, developing film and television for such leading producers as Andrew Mason (The Matrix trilogy), Jim McElroy (The Year of Living Dangerously), John Edwards (The Beach) and Bryan Brown (Dead Heart), to name but a few.

He was a recipient of the Bill Warnock Award for SCOTT FREE, and was a winner of the National Sitcom Festival for his pilot THE WILD BROTHERS. His screenplay THE QUIET WAR was a Screen Australia SP*RK winner.

He’s been engaged to adapt fiction and non-fictional works for the screen, including the historical drama THE WHITE DIVERS OF BROOME by John Bailey, the youth adventure thriller THE CURSED by Michael Panckridge, and the best-selling survival tale THE BEAR by Claire Cameron.

A regular participant in industry workshops, Adam’s been invited to such renowned script development programs as Stephen Cleary’s Arista, Paul Chitlik’s Treatment Program and Screen Australia’s Genre Workshop. He's been a regular contributor to various film agency development panels and frequently works as a script editor and consultant for writers and producers around the world.


Adam Isitt
Mystery & Suspense Drama

A professional getaway driver in search of a safer life takes up driving escorts for hire where he falls for Sunday, who puts him in more danger than he’s ever known.