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"A unique voice that rings off the page." - The Austin Film Festival. "A knack for dialogue and settings, outstanding comedic instincts, and a mastery of the fundamentals of screenwriting form." - The Black List. "A clear talent for visual storytelling." - The Austin Film Festival. "Great comedic timing." - The Roadmap Writers. "You obviously know your way around characters and dialogue." - Live Read LA.

Adam is the author of the highly rated sitcom script RENTAL and the family superhero screenplay SAM, recently rated CONSIDER by The Austin Film Festival. Born and raised in England, Adam emigrated to California in 1989 to meet the love of his life. The next two decades or so were spent in corporate America management primarily in the art of persuasion - advertising. Adam's proudest writing accomplishment was persuading his American pen pal to become his wife.

Adam is represented by Sherry Robb with The Robb Company.

Writer currently has no listed scripts.