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I've always wanted to be a writer and was going to major in journalism in college but instead decided to marry my high school sweetheart. The extent of my writing was for the high school news paper. Now it's 30 years later with 4 amazing human beings (my kids). Good news is we are still happily married. Bad news is I never followed my passion, until now, Ha! I finally finished my one and only screenplay and here it is. The story is one that I have not seen before. Who knows maybe it could make it to the silver screen. I have to try, so here it is. My current occupation is a bookkeeper for a social media company that I own. I am also a board member of an animal rescue my daughter owns and we save lots of kitties and puppies. I also, of course ,as I am sure we all do, LOVE the movies!


April D. Merritt

In this dark drama, Riley Knox is confronted with her celebrity free pass, will she risk her marriage and family to be with him?