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The Walkers' mission is to create artwork that inspires people to appreciate, respect, and protect the natural world. It is their hope that these cinematic creations will fill the hearts and minds of viewers with the same emotions and feelings that nature has imbued the Walkers with -- an overwhelming sense of wonder at the beauty of our precious and imperiled planet.


The Walkers
Romance Mystery & Suspense

A handsome high school biology teacher implements a daring plan to prevent a cunning oil baron with a dark secret from drilling on a fault line in California’s Santa Barbara Channel. Events take an unexpected turn when his scheme involves the billionaire’s daughter who is more than just a pretty face.


The Walkers
Drama Action & Adventure

Based on a true story, 'Earthwalk' is the tale of a bold journey and the two young men who began it as friends and ended it as brothers. With narrations by Orson Welles, this eco-epic chronicles the daring personal adventure of the Walkers' extraordinary 5,000-mile odyssey from Alaska to Mexico. (To hear a sample of Orson Welles's voice-over, please Google 'Earthwalk Trailer.')