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my novel: Allergic To Caffeine And Lovebots will be required readings for all ACTORS and Ya's children. All three of my HOLLYWOOD movie screenplays-scripts have been edited by Aubrey M. Horton of ScriptDoctor911.com. Aubrey has stated that he considers THE DOCTOR VISIT & ZOMBIES/DALLAS in the top five-percent of all national scripts. He considers LUPO to be in the top three-percent. LUPO will make a great animated movie, but it could be a TV/Cable/Streaming children show. THE DOCTOR VISIT, also could be a TV/Cable/Streaming show with the main character, Johnny and his Asian father-in-law opening a rare coin/pawn shop together where strangers visit to sale their goods and talk about their medical conditions. ZOMBIES/DALLAS and its Samurai Emergency Response Team could face other adventures, after they save Madam President in Dallas, Texas . . .

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