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Travis Carr

A celebrity chef on-the-rise is dragged back home to Florida in the wake of a family tragedy, where she realizes that saving her family’s crusty old seafood restaurant might be the only way to save their relationship, and get her back to her rising career in New York City.


Travis Carr

The first black woman in the House of Representatives, SHIRLEY CHISHOLM, aims to make history again as the first black woman to run for President in 1972. She takes on the mainstream political machine in a fiery underdog campaign marked with violence, mudslinging, racism, and sexism, but most importantly hope.


Travis Carr
Comedy Drama

Following a deadly accident, a down-on-his-luck funeral home director discovers that killing people may be the only way to keep his family business afloat. He gets tangled in a mess of trouble when his unwitting wife starts helping the police investigate the murders. 'Post Mortem' is a dark dramatic comedy in the vein of 'Fargo,' 'Better Call Saul,' or 'Legion' and focuses on themes of masculinity, small town duality, and family. It's about a man on the edge who's losing his footing.