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Pulling from a decade-long career in documentary and non-scripted TV (currently on the Emmy ballot for editing), Travis Carr writes features and pilots based on research-heavy topics, true stories, and adaptations. He loves focusing on underdogs, forged families, and past trauma.

Academy Nicholl Quarterfinalist, Cannes Screenwriting Resident, WGA East Showrunners Training Program, Sundance Episodic Lab Finalist, MGM + Black List Feature Partnership Finalist, Sundance Feature Development Track Finalist, Screencraft Finalist, Humanitas New Voices Semifinalist, PAGE Semifinalist, Nantucket FF / Showtime Tony Cox Semifinalist, Austin Second Rounder, TrackingBoard Launch Pad Pilots Finalist.


Travis Carr
Sci-Fi & Fantasy Drama

Hardscrabble, tough-as-nails Sally is only good at one thing: long-haul truck driving. When her career is put in jeopardy by the introduction of self-driving trucks, she must take action against the company set on replacing her and destroying her community.