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Former Investment Banker turned Screenwriter, Kenson Junicue grew up in Haiti and was raised by a grandmother who believed in both: Voodoo and Christianity exclusively — depending on how fast she needed answers. After almost a decade in Finance, Kenson quit his Job and moved to Los Angeles from New York City to pursue his true passion as a storyteller. His writing often explores themes of identity, sexuality, family, and the meaning of home.The issues that Diverse stories face in Hollywood are personal to Kenson, because contrary to popular belief, Black people are not a monolith.

Kenson has worked and consulted on many major TV and Film projects, such as Criminal Minds, Hollywood (Netflix), The Girl In The Book, and more. His screenplays have been recognized by many prestigious industry professionals, such as: Nicholl, The Austin Film Festival, The Blcklst, Diverse Stories, Sundance & more.

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