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In a crowed bar, Nickolas, clad as Alex from Clockwork Orange, spotted his sultry vampire soulmate, Toni, through a mass of ghouls, goblins and other costumed Halloween revelers. Sharing their passions for literature, movies, and storytelling, the two instantly became inseparable and soon wed. The Shepherds, with their strengths combined, are now a formidable writing duo of extraordinary adventures.

**Fresh Blood Selects on Blood List 2016 THE BULLSHIT BOYS


Nickolas Shepherd & Toni Shepherd
Action & Adventure Horror

After unearthing evidence the Aberdeen Home for Wayward Children is feeding orphans to something in the woods, Hansel mysteriously disappears. Only Gretel and a band of misfit orphans can brave the haunted wood, survive the lurking Grey, and save Hansel from Grammy’s dinner plans. STRANGER THINGS meets Stephen King's IT. REVISED DRAFT UPLOADED 5/16/17


Nickolas Shepherd & Toni Shepherd
Action & Adventure Sci-Fi & Fantasy

When a sci-fi author wakes one hundred years into the future, he is slave to a bizarre, emotion-free society. With the aid of a devoted fan, he must escape and navigate the unknown to rescue his missing sister.