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MFA in Professional Screenwriting 2017. Daughter of former Universal Motion Pictures Studio Head, Edward Muhl. Part-time assistant to actress, Lesley Ann Warren.


Alexandra Muhl
Action & Adventure Western

After killing her husband in self-defense on their wedding night, a naïve but strong-willed Southern heiress flees West disguised as a cowboy working a horse drive for a tough trail boss (a freed Mandingo slave), while her ruthless in-laws stop at nothing to track her down and take her back to New Orleans as their prisoner to gain access to her vast family fortune. But this Southern-Belle-turned-well-armed-belligerent, isn't going down without one hell of a fight.


Alexandra Muhl
Action & Adventure Horror

An arrogant yet brave young prince leads a team of misfit warriors to battle an invincible king whose massive army and mutant, man-eating monster stand ready to annihilate the children of Athens.