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For me, the best narratives are those that ask me to step into something unfamiliar or weird, while remaining grounded in deep and true characters. As a trans woman, I think the best stories don’t just include marginalized faces, but are specific to their unique experiences or cultures: like how every Wachowski movie is a trans allegory; or a Bollywood musical like Lagaan is filled with a rich history for which I have no context; or how I haven’t any clue what’s going on in a Lynch film the first time I see it, but I absorb the world building nonetheless because of the eldritch and desolate tone. There’s still so much great art to be made once we expand our pallets beyond the familiar.

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Story Editor
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Katherine Turner
Comedy Sci-Fi & Fantasy

After mythological monsters wreck modern day Seattle, a small group of friends create a sanctuary against the madness. Together, they fight governments and gods alike to secure a measure of freedom and peace.


Katherine Turner
Comedy Mystery & Suspense

An aging super-spy who just got put out to pasture decides to buy herself a fun new body, only to discover that an old nemesis is vacationing on the same planet. With only her wits and a weak human frame, she has to go up against a seasoned assassin with the body of a cybernetically enhanced killing machine. What neither of them know, however, is that they have both been set up to take the fall for an old war crime that threatens people more powerful than either of them.