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Born in Mexico and the son of a combat Marine, Robert Flowers began writing TV and working in production as an exchange student in Holland.

He's filmed live surgeries in operating rooms all over the United States over the last 15 years. Never fainting at the sight of real blood...Well maybe just once.

Currently lives in Los Angeles.


Robert Flowers

Bobby's about to become a teenager, and between school bullies, and starting a band, it's tough, but its about to get tougher when his life is turned upside down when he discovers his biological father, a man he was told was dead, wants back in his life.


Robert Flowers, Stephen Sloot
Action & Adventure

In a world where a dangerous drug gives the user temporary superpowers, a young Latina woman discovers a large supply hidden in the bayous of Louisiana. She must decide to either sell it and save her family, or use it herself to fight the oppressive forces of New Orleans with the help of a crew of superpowered criminals called “Lifters.”


Robert Flowers
Drama Mystery & Suspense

A down on his luck ex pro takes the vacant coaching job at a prestigious small town high school hockey program with a tradtion of winning at all costs, but when he learns about the horrible circumstances of his predessor's departure, he's compelled to get out of his confort zone and team up with a local reporter in order to bring accountability to the school.


Robert Flowers, Stephen Sloot

The series follows Boomer, a worker in the oil fields trying to make enough money for his family before he serves an unfair prison sentence. Once there, he’s must navigate a world of roughnecks, eco-terrorism, Native rights, Big Oil, and billions of dollars on the table in the world’s biggest construction site.