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Shay Hayden grew up in Massachusetts and graduated from Stanford University in 2019. Shay's been behind the camera since his teens and recently wrote and directed the award-winning horror/comedy web series Phantom Family and dramatic short Hook and Chain. Since moving to LA, he's written for the Hallmark Channel's Crossword Mysteries film series, a currently untitled, unscripted African Serengeti survival show, and the feature screenplay adaptation of Steven Pressfield’s best-selling novel Last of The Amazons while also working on his own spec scripts.


Shay Hayden
Western Drama

The Boy with The Gun is a limited series of eight one-hour episodes with potential for further seasons. Set in New Mexico territory during the outbreak of the American Civil War, it follows the events set in motion by the arrival of a mysterious teenage gunslinger and studies many of the Western’s neglected characters – a family of Chinese railroad workers, a retired outlaw’s daughter, and a displaced Cherokee bounty hunter – while re-examining the values of its classic archetypes – most notably the violent, outcast hero.