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Born in new Jersey and raised in New England, Sean moved to the Southwest in the mid 90's with nothing more than a bicycle and a few clothes. While living in Durango, CO, he realized he had an affinity for cooking and in 2000 launched his professional Chef career. After over 20 years in the industry, Sean was ready to step away and start a new chapter in his life.

After a neighbor encouraged him to further develop a movie idea about the restaurant industry he had, called Four Top, Sean started developing it as a series. Always a creative, he took to screenwriting like a fish to water. Along with Four Top, Sean is currently writing and developing several other features.

Special Skills
Culinary Arts


Sean Boutot
Comedy Drama

Behind every plate of food served in a restaurant, there are real people, people who voluntarily subject themselves to the often brutal and unforgiving demands of the modern restaurant industry, to create the most pleasurable experiences possible for customers they may despise without ever knowing them.