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Paolina Weber is an emerging American and Italian director, writer and performer completing her MFA at the Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema, in Brooklyn, with a grant from Warner Media and The Joel and Candace Zwick Foundation in Directing. Her short film BB Gun, about a boy with learning differences grappling with his father’s onset blindness, just had its international premiere at Berlin Shorts and is in consideration for several American festivals. Her screenplay Iron Chef, about a crack addict who loses his young son, was a semifinalist in the United States Script Competition.

A graduate of The University Of Chicago, in 2016, Paolina founded X-OUT, LLC to tell stories of nonconformists,

and her first micro budget film Suck It Up Princess, premiered locally at the Big Apple Film Festival. A former prestigious

Independent Study Fellow at the Whitney Museum of American Art, she ties in art in her current limited series about the larger than life

convicted murderer and the Renaissance pansexual artist, Caravaggio, who died tragically. As a child, she grew up at the apex of the Art World,

immersed in the meteoric rise of artists’ careers. Her immigrant mother was a pioneer art dealer, whose unique eye discovered some of the most important artists of our time, so she is drawing on her visual sensibility and her life experience

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BB Gun
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Film and Photography

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