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I've never been comfortable with promoting myself. So, instead, I let my story telling do the talking.

Imagine a kid in ratty shoes, thrift store jeans that are too small and a clean, but stained, t-shirt. You can tell, just by the look of him, that he's poor and never really had anything. He looks like a loner and, for the most part, he is. Due to his low financial status, he's had to move frequently, never establishing the roots and friendships afforded many others. It's always just been him, his sisters, his mom and his grandma. But, every now and then, he gets treated to the extravagance of the drive in theater (so long as he and the girls stay under the blanket in the back seat of the car and shut up).

Now, he's rarely interested in the movie. His mother's current boyfriend typically takes them to see second (sometimes third) run horror films like The Omen, The Exorcist or It's Alive; or heavily sexualized, and incredibly yucky, exploitation films. The boy isn't interested because it's hard to watch movies when you're cowering in fear under a blanket on the cold, hard gravel of the drive in.

Then one day, in the summer of 1977, something extraordinary happens. He's at the playground, in the grassy area right in front of the giant screen as the sun is just about to make its way below the horizon. The light flickers from the projection both and he decides he'll watch the cartoon shorts from the playground and retreat to the safety of the blanket once the movie starts.

Before he knows it, the 20th Century Fox fanfare begins. He is at the top of the slide and the words "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away..." flashes on the screen, followed by a blast of music and the words STAR WARS. He's entrance as he reads the crawl, sees the Destroyer chasing the rebel ship. The Man in Black. The starry eyed boy just like himself. The Princess. The robots. The creatures. The adventure. The triumph of good over evil. The boy's only movement the entire time was from the top of the slide to the bottom, falling into a reclining position. It was there he watch the entire movie. It was there he decided he wanted to go to outer space.

He was disappointed when he found his dream destination wasn't something he could obtain. Until he realized he could travel anywhere, anytime, using his imagination. And that is where a writer was born.

In reality, life has other plans. The boy became a man whom spent the great majority of his life as a husband, father, student, veteran and laborer. But, being a natural born story teller, he never stopped. Whether it was through poems, songs, shorts, a 10 episode TV series or a screenplay, he continues to create characters and worlds that only existed in his mind. And it is one of these- the Spiritual Offspring of Star Wars- that he humbly offers to you. Enjoy.

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