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Musa Aden is an actor, producer, Script writer, husband, and father of three children. He is from Mogadishu, the capital city of Somalia, East Africa.


Musa Aden

THE BOOK OF DANGER A african kid who left his country going through civil war and starts a new life in the United States. Book of Danger is a book that translates the truth of Islam. Growing up in a country with no government that protects the people, where tomorrow is not promised so you pray to wake up another day. You're sleeping in a house with no light, no hot water. Sometimes there’s no water to drink. Mahamoud the leader of Alshabaab runs part of the village and takes kids from their families so he can train them and brainwash them. One day in a peaceful village everybody was having a normal day. Some people are cooking, some washing their clothes, families outside talking to their neighbors, you see kids playing soccer and running around. Out of nowhere Yasir came running back to the village and he couldn't catch his breath. He is trying to warn the village that bad guys are on their way there. Everyone is rushing back to their houses looking for their kids. Then one van and one pick up truck pull up. A couple of the bad guys jump out of the car and start shooting women who are running back to their houses. Mahamoud gets off the truck from the passenger side and he orders his men to get all the kids in the van. Yasir was hiding next to the truck; he didn't have that much time to run away. one of the bad guys grabs Yasir and takes him to Mahmoud. Mahmoud uses Yasir as a threat to let the village know if they don't bring all the kids outside that he will cut his neck. He holds a knife up to Yasir's neck, but Yasir is a brave kid. While Mahmoud is talking, Yasir looks around and sees all those families who got shot and died infront of him and knowing that he will die too. The only option for Yasir was to find a way to escape. Yasir starts moving and yelling, Mahmoud drops Yasir to the ground. He grabs Yasir's hair to pull him up, but when Yasir hits the ground he grabs broken glass. Right as Mahmoud grabs Yasir's hair, Yasir turns around and cuts Mahmoud's right eye and takes off running out of the village. Mahmoud yells to his men while his right eye bleeds, ordering them to find the kid. The rest of the men keep getting all the other kids in the van. Yasir keeps running and running until he jumps from a big hill right when he is about to hit the ground. Yasir wakes up as a grown man where he lives in a country that allows him to be who he is. He lives with his roommate, but Yasir never forgotten where he came from or who he is. Coming to this country as a refugee kid with another family who helped him cross the village to A refugee camp. Where the UN helped most of the families to bring them to the United State Of America so they can start a new life. After Yasir graduated High school he couldn't stay with the family he came with. He started living with a roommate and became an author. Yasir has a close friend who’s his neighbor. His name is James. He is older than Yasir, but James has history with Somalia. His father served Somalia in 1994. They would help all the refugees. James lives with his wife Melissa who is a TV reporter she is also helping Yasir to publish his book. She has had Yasir On local news so he can talk about his book before he publishes it. Publish day: Yasir knocks on James and Melissa's house. James opens the door and wonders why Yasir is so early. James asks why are they here so early is everything okay? Before Yasir answers the question he walks in towards the kitchen. He turns around holding a donut that he grabs from the kitchen and says you don't know what today is? James is more confused. Melissa comes down from upstairs and she tells James today is Yasir's book publishing day. We are also going to the studio for his TV time. That's why he is here so me and him will be together after I get ready. James and Yasir sit in the living room and the TV is on with breaking news. All you see is al shabaab doing other bad things. James looks at Yasir and asks him a question, Yasir, are you sure you want to do this after all this that is going on? Yasir tells James if i don't do this then who will? Those men are making Islam look bad and most of the people in this country think Islam is bad. I’m here to tell the truth. TV studio time: Yasir and Melissa on live tv where Yasir talks about his book and what it’s all about. While Yasir is on air Mahmoud's men call Mahmoud to turn the tv on. Mahmoud turns on the tv and he sees a young man about to publish the BOOK OF DANGER. he recognizes the kid from the scar on his neck. What Yasir says on tv matches the kid who cut his eye. Yasir is dangerous to Mahmoud so he orders his men to find this man or anyone who is close to him. After TV studios: Melissa and Yasir in the car on the way back to her house, but Yasir asks Melissa if she can drop him off at the coffee shop cause he’s meeting someone there. She drops Yasir off at the coffee shop then she leaves. After a couple of blocks two cars come one from the front of her car and behind bringing her car to a stop. Four men with their faces covered and holding big guns come out of the car aiming guns to her face and they rush into her car. They cover her head and hit her stomach then put her in their car and leave. In the middle of town in the daylight she screams and cries. . Couple of hrs later: Yasir is leaving the coffee shop and gets a call from James asking if Melissa is still with him. Yasir tells James that she left a couple of hours ago and he also asks if everything is okay. James tells Yasir everything is okay she must have stopped somewhere to get something and her phone is dead. Yasir says let me know if you need anything i will keep my phone on. Yasir stops a cab to go home. After one hr: James gets a call from his wife's phone and he says i have been trying to get hold of you is everything okay? Right when he says that Mahmoud says no everything is not okay and if you want to see your wife again you Must listen, James starts yelling whoever you are that I will find you and kill you before he finishes his sentences Mahmoud tells James to shut up and James hears his wife crying in the background. James calms down okay i am listening please don't hurt my wife. Mahmoud tells James no cops if you want to see your wife again all i need is Yasir for exchange you have 24 hrs or else you won't see your wife anymore. Then the phone cuts off. Yasir in the yellow Cab: Yasir gets out of the Cab and walks to James's house to see if Melissa came home. Right when James opens the door he grabs Yasir by his shirt. He chokes yasir and yelling you put my wife in danger now she is paying the price i will kill you. Yasir doesn't have any idea what's going on other than trying to defend himself from James choking his neck. Yasir's face looks like he is about to pass out then he says i don't know what you are talking about she dropped me off at the coffee place. James drops Yasir. Yasir trying to catch his breath and he says to James what happened? James tells Yasir not to leave and he tells why he wants to turn him to the guy. After Yasir heard what happened he tries to find a way to leave the house. He wants to find out who this guy is. He’s thinking this is a drug dealer. He hits james on the back of his head and leaves. James is now on the ground trying to get up slowly, but by the time he gets up it is too late to get Yasir. James calls the cops. Cops scene at James's house. When the cops come James gives the information about what's going on. While doing so James gets the call from Mahmoud again so James answers the phone while the cops are listening to the call. James asking who he is and why they want Yasir? Mahmoud tells James when you find Yasir tell him Al Mahmoud wants to see you then he hangs up the phone. The cops pull up the name and find out it is the man they have been looking for months. Now the case has become bigger. The FBI starts showing up at the house and taking over the case. Now Yasir has become another suspect. They ask James how he knows Yasir? Questioning him on how he can trust a Muslim guy around your wife? James know Yasir very well and knows Yasir wont do anyting stupid. Yasir goes back to the Coffee place right when he’s almost there he sees a couple of bad guys coming out. After they left he goes in the coffee place and asks the cashier who they where? He told him they were looking or you and they want you to know Mahmoud wants you to call him before he kills a girl name melissa. While the cashier is talking breaking news comes on with picture of Mahmoud. The police are asking if anyone has seen him to call this number. Right when the picture came to the TV Yasir cant even move. All he remembers is the man he ran away from back in Africa. He can hear the gunshots and all the people covered in blood. Yasir rushes to call James, but he didnt knew the police were listening. James answers and Yasir tells james i know who is Mahmoud is but james won't let Yasir finish his sentence. James says i don't care if that's your father or your brother you better pray my wife is still alive. Yasir tells James that's the man who killed my family back in Africa; he has the same cut on his right eye. I will find him before the cops find me and he hangs up the phone. The police already know where Yasir is so they are on their way to get him. Yasir calls his roommate to track a number since his roommate is a hacker. Yasir is trying to hide and stay away from being seen. He throws his phone and gets another phone from the store to call back his friend. His friend tells him where the call came from so Yasir calls back James. He tells him where the location is and he tells him i am on my way there if i don't make it back you know where i am. James and the FBI are on their way to where Yasir is going. Yasir and his roommate are trying to break in. He tells his roommate I will ask for them to let the wife go and if he dont let her go you make sure to come with your gun. Yasir goes in with his hands in the air, tells Mahmoud i am here, let her go. Melissa is tied to a chair with her face covered. She looks as if they had beaten her. There is blood in sight. Mohmoud asks yasir why does he care about this white non Muslim woman? Yasir says look who is talking about being Muslim. You're the man who kills innocent people, but the Quran says you can not kill anyone or yourself or you will go to hell for it. Mahmoud's men push Melissa to the ground while her hands are tied on the chair and she hits the ground. Yasir tells Mahmoud I am the one you need not her. You can hear the cops coming. Mahmoud shoots Yasir's shoulder telling him he’s a traitor for bringing the cops with you. He runs thinking Yasir is dead but he's not. Mahmoud tells his man to kill everyone who comes in from the door and he tries to escape from the back. Little did he know the cops were already there waiting for him. Some cops rush in to get the wife. They shoot Mahmoud's men. James comes inside with the cops. He sees Yasir getting arrested but he tells the cops this man didn't do anything. If it wasn't for him we won't find where Mahmoud and my wife were. Yasir, James and Melissa are sitting outside the ambulance. Melissa and Yasir are getting treatment. The END