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I’m transitioning from running record labels, via writing a book about David Bowie, to writing heightened but grounded genre features. Smart, fun movies that kick you in the heart with powerful 3D characters who linger in your mind after the credits close.

I’m aiming at fans of Get Out, Arrival, Sicario, Prey, X, I Care A Lot, 10 Cloverfield Lane or The Prestige.

I've optioned two movies that are out to directors and Prodcos.

I’ve completed anoyher 6 screenplays that I am happy with and a lot more in various stages of development.

The films that made me get up and write are:

Miller’s Crossing

The Usual Suspects


Stranger Than Fiction


Three Kings

Grosse Pointe Blank



Dr Strangelove

The Manchurian Candidate

North By Northwest

The Prestige

Groundhog Day

In Bruges

An American Werewolf In London


Known For
Writing that book about Bowie and running record labels
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