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Matt Tente is an LA based screenwriter. Highlights include the feature Green Rush, a Black List selection with New Republic Pictures and Will Packer producing, along with the Black List and Hit List selection, Burn Run that was optioned by Shane Salerno of The Story Factory. Matt also works in television, adapting the true-life story, The Runners, for Escape Artists and Bridge and Tunnel Entertainment. Other features include Blood on the Water, commissioned by Signature Films with Elliott Lester and Eric Watson producing.

Known For
Green Rush (2017 Black List Selection), Burn Run (2016 Black List Selection)
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Matt Tente
Drama Mystery & Suspense

A paroled ex-con agrees to help his daughter pull off a heist, robbing seven-figures in marijuana tax payments from L.A. City Hall.


Matt Tente
Mystery & Suspense Action & Adventure

A stringer for a security App is falsely identified as a terrorist bomber on the very App that he works for, provoking a city-wide manhunt led by merciless, misinformed vigilantes.


Matt Tente
Action & Adventure Mystery & Suspense

A young mother's life is turned upside down after she steps into the wrong Uber and becomes embroiled in a violent conflict between the troubled driver and whomever's in the trunk.


Matt Tente
No genre

The true story of Georgetown University’s disgraced tennis coach, Gordie Ernst, who accepted $2.7 million in bribes to help 12 students who never played tennis, gain admission as top-tier recruits -- The less fortunate perspective of the College Admissions Scandal.


Matt Tente
Mystery & Suspense Drama

A murder triggers the outbreak of an infectious disease, sending an Epidemiologist and a Cop on the hunt for a killer, in an immigrant neighborhood with a deep distrust of police.


Matt Tente
Action & Adventure Mystery & Suspense

American mercenaries hired to escort a 20-ton heroin seizure through hostile Afghan territory, get caught up in a botched drug deal when their leader goes rogue.