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LeLe Park
Comedy Drama

What if Arthur Fleck from JOKER was a woman, raised in the suburbs? MoMo Mendax is a pretty yet grungy Millennial struggling with both her mother's passing and crushing debt. Anxiety peaks when MoMo learns her house will soon be absorbed by the banks and that her job has cut her hours. Desperate to keep her home (one of the few things her mother left her), she considers a murder-for-hire gig brought by her uncle Elden. He believes embracing this opportunity will be a positive outlet for her muted violent cravings. Meanwhile, MoMo’s father Paul, in an attempt to redeem himself, advocates she get help, utilizing therapy and pills. All in an effort to prevent her from making “the turn” and becoming a potential danger to others. MoMo takes the psychiatric meds which don’t seem to help her most obvious condition, that she's a simmering psychopath, just waiting for an excuse to lift the lid off her homicidal contempt for the world. Below the itching for violence, her grandmother’s influence is at odds. Grandma saw the 50's as a respectful beautiful place, encouraging MoMo to preserve similar values. But the present, everyday world, brings MoMo one setback after another. A rude trigger here, a coldness there, it all heightens her loathing. She questions if society is qualified to preach the importance of humanity. Mentally-disturbed MoMo Mendax has accepted being disregarded and mishandled all her life. But when times get tough, she embarks on a downward spiral of incestuous love and crime. This eventually brings her face-to-face with what her family has been trying to avoid, “the turn”. The Bliss Killer is an essential next step to evolve female roles and change perceptions of "essential". It’s an agent of change. Everyone will want a hero, but what they'll get is a psychotic Millennial running around in 50’s dresses, bringing grisly carnage because she just can't help herself. **In episode two, we dive into MoMo's childhood and witness her go head-to-head in a violent run-in with George Zimmerman (Trayvon Martin's killer).