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L.G Bavaro is a Musician, Producer, Songwriter, Composer, Screenwriter, Published Author, 'My Spaceship' (The Arrival) Sci/fi YA.

'The Scrapman' Historical Sci/Fi. Available on Kindle.

L.G. is a creative machine, he can write music and lyrics for his own works, this is his 2nd script, 3rd on the way. With the novels, many original songs (which could be movies in and of themselves) A wealth of new, fresh and AMAZING tales are available from L.G.

He has completed his 2nd Screenplay 'The Scrapman', and started his 3rd 'The Red Ticket'.

They are incredible works from L.G. The twisted situations are addicting. The emotion train will take you to another world, quite literally. As a Bonus, at the beginning of the script, there is a napkin-sketch from L.G. The origin of the story.

Known For
My Spaceship, The Arrival (Paperback), The Scrapman (Kindle)


Comedy Mystery & Suspense

Veteran Hobo, George Washington Buffington's life has been derailed by a visitor from the furthest reaches of space. His job up to that point was a simple one, ride the railroads to warmer climates, and find something to eat. Now he has been tasked with a mission a bit more difficult, to return a wayward Alien visitor from where it came from, out there...With the assistance of some ‘Brethren-of-the-Road’, Henry Price, and his sassy 15-year-old granddaughter, Sophia, and George’s Cat, Gizmo. Hampered by situations beyond their control, this Rag-Tag Team go to extraordinary lengths and over impossible hurdles, to complete their objective and save Planet Earth.