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Keeley Curtis, born in Texas but raised in The Ozarks, is a youthful writer with a passion for film writing. She studies politics, music, and writing, and hopes someday her films will move people, as she mixes all of her passions into scripts. She writes political, feminist-inspired films, usually with music involved. She's studied every bit of writing, including poetry, journalism, novels, and more.

Special Skills


Keeley Curtis

When a school shooting takes place and kills over thirty students, the students and families face trauma, stress, and the aftermath of a massacre.


Keeley Curtis
Comedy Drama

When a screenwriters husband and kids die in a freak car accident, she retreats to a sober grief group in The Ozarks, travelling in RV's and vans with other grief-stricken sober individuals.


Keeley Curtis-Verdeja
Romance Drama

A rockstar and a up-and-coming drummer begin in a relationship in this film that takes on the motives of "sad girl pop-culture" life and what it means to be the object of one's desire.


Keeley Curtis
Drama Mystery & Suspense

After the overdose of her brother, Laisa moves from Nicaragua to Spain and becomes a maid for a billionaire oil firm owner and his family. There, she is introduced to a life of partying, sex, lies, and eventually, murder. Though Laisa knows exactly who killed who, she must decide if she is willing to reveal all, while trying to figure out who is responsible for her brother's death.


Keeley Curtis
Drama Romance

When depressed and old-school Alexandra decides to leave her life behind to groove with the music of late the 1960s, she finds herself a groupie to a world-famous band and mixed up in the world of politics, and she soon sees the difference between then and now, if there even is much of a difference.