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Kayla Anne Covert is a Hispanic-American writer who spends her days crafting brand identities on social media for some of your favorite podcasts & tv shows. Despite being a chicken when it comes to all things spooky, she loves to write sci-fi, supernatural & realistic fantasy. She's a firm believer in looking for the color & shine in the world so that often makes its way into her stories as well. Key interests include her dog named Frosty, the discography of Taylor Swift, and all things Nancy Drew.


Kayla Anne Covert

A physics major with the ability to manipulate energy discovers she is not the only one in her new town with powers, opening her up to a secret world of friends and foes to contend with.


Kayla Anne Covert
Drama Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Five teens in medieval Europe find themselves on a series of Arthurian-type adventures fueled by magic and mystical beasts in order to protect their home, find their place in the world, and redefine the meaning of destiny along the way.