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Screenwriter/Documentary Filmmaker. AKA "KailuaKid", Rick is a product of Kailua HS / San Jose State University. Rick's avocation is sharing obscure moments of history through the preservation and archiving of vintage film footage.

Recently produced a feature length documentary titled "SS Malolo and the Millionaires Cruise of 1929", re: the first leisure cruise of the Pacific using exclusive, rare film footage taken by passengers.

Rick's recent screenplay offering, "Why Goofy Hates Mickey", is a light comedy that reveals the "unauthorized almost true story" of Walt Disney's early years of animation. A Second Rounder at Austin as well as fourth at Scriptapalooza 2020.

Other historical dramas include "Hawaii Calls" about the first attempt to fly non-stop across the Pacific in 1925.

"The Bare Republic", an exposé of the lurid San Francisco trial of 1885 against Senator William Sharon by his young paramour, Allie Hill.

Known For
SS Malolo and The Millionaires Cruise of 1929

Writer currently has no listed scripts.