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John Pisano-Thomsen
Comedy Drama

2019 ACADEMY NICHOLL SEMIFINALIST! Confronted by her granddaughters, 92-year-old Letty Kowalski Baxter recounts her life as a runaway circus orphan turned burlesque soubrette in 1935, her tragic romances, and the backstage rivalry that brought “family” back into her life. “Burly Girls” is a celebration of late 1930’s New York burlesque at it’s finest (before LaGuardia shut it down) and the indomitable spirit of those fearless, independent women who graced the burlesque stage while surviving the Depression and a sexist world. Reviews can be found at: https://www.jpisanothomsen.com/last-of-the-burly-girls


John Pisano-Thomsen
Drama Romance

WINNER OF 4 FESTIVAL BEST SCREENPLAY AWARDS! A fictitious love story inspired by history, the world's last known Pink Triangle survivor recalls his life as a dancer in 1935 Berlin, his intense romance with a Nazi officer's stepson that led to his internment to Dachau Labor Camp, and, the unique dancing assignment that led to his brazen escape out of Germany. Also placed in the TOP 15% of the 2019 ACADEMY NICHOLL FELLOWSHIP! Reviews can be found here: https://www.jpisanothomsen.com/dietrich-danzig


John Pisano-Thomsen
Drama Comedy

2019 ACADEMY NICHOLL QUARTER FINALIST! When a ripped-up inheritance letter reveals that his father is NOT his real father, an aspiring, young artist runs away to NYC to collect the trust. There, his life converges with a black transgender guru, an all-female answering service and a 5-year-old boy which leads his heart to a new awareness and eventually an incredible career opportunity. Reviews can be found here: https://www.jpisanothomsen.com/connect-1