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My films come from, literal heart and soul! I've always viewed my life as my own amazing story. I’m the hero, and I fight until the end, literally or metaphorically.

My perception of our world has been shaped and forged by a plethora of experiences; some filled with all the beauty and peacefulness the world has to offer only to have it shattered by hatred and ugliness by our own failure at maintaining our humanity and this is our CONFLICT – HUMANITY’S CONFLICT.

Ingredients to a story is: hero in his or her own cultural and historical setting, whose conflict drives the plot, and changes through a lesson learned is the resolution.

Because in the end, I have too have persevered through all the good, bad, and ugly and won.

If I wasn’t the hero in my life, I’d be a boring story and so would my films.

My life has not been easy and is not the "perfect tale" (pun intended), but it makes great entertainment b/c these life experiences always come full circle, and that is where the magic of my inspiration comes from. My authenticity in my films comes from my way of life. I am honest and truthful to my inner-self, I absorb and find peace in my darkness because that's where authenticity comes from. Creative skills fit any profession, but my God given gift is to share my films by writing stories from, LIFE, and writers use their version of creativity to see that anything is possible in that mindset and our perception's of our own personal truths in this world.

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Time's Cruel Games and Loneliness is a Hungry Beats
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