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Writer Scripts


Jackie Justice, Jennifer Goodwin
Mystery & Suspense Action & Adventure

Following ECT therapy, a bipolar writer loses all memory of one fateful summer - a summer that holds the key to elements in her favorite photo artwork: the identity of a bikini model and why a motel pool is filled with cement.


Jennifer Moricz Goodwin
Action & Adventure Comedy

A Law Grad.'s week spent with a Bikini Champion becomes the focus of a documentary now twenty years later.


Jennifer Goodwin
Mystery & Suspense

When a screenwriter buys the eerie Suntan Hotel she's captivated by it's last owner: a model who drowned in the on-site pool & her stylist-to-the-stars boyfriend. But as she recalls her past, reality & fantasy blur as questions arise regarding the screenwriter's state of mind.


Jennifer Moricz Goodwin
Mystery & Suspense Action & Adventure

A bikini contest ace heads to Biloxi to nab a $10,000 prize, and, while staying in an empty motel, befriends and bonds with the lonely motel owner's daughter, only for the two to become inextricably linked after a violent, fateful encounter.