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A writer/director based in Toronto, Canada. I have a deep passion in me for telling stories. Whether through comedy or drama, I hope that my experiences in life can impact people and push the envelope in film.

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Juan Ortiz, Julian Perruzza

Ever wonder what’s its like to work at the largest technology company in the world? Behind the big smiles, the success and the innovation comes politics, drama and just funny stories. Through all the bullshit, we follow two best friends who happen to be stand up guys. They are given the chance to work at one of the busiest stores for this most prestigious brand. We follow them through their training days and throughout their experience working at the store. The more time they spend there, the more they struggle to keep their sanity.


Juan Ortiz, Julian Perruzza
Drama Comedy

In a world where “Facebook” is Lifehacker, Apple is Pear & people are just bananas. We follow Jimmy & John; two stand up guys who feel like their grips on life are slipping away from them. Life will always find a way as it grants them an opportunity to work on the front lines of the largest & most popular technology communications company of all time. Join them on their adventures as they try to keep their sanity on dealing with wild personalities at work & interesting people in their life. It’s a coming of age story filled with love, purpose, family, friends, pop culture references & just weird situations. We take a look at our society and a nostalgic look down memory lane as all we can do is laugh at ourselves. In the end, the message will always be to follow your dreams.