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J.K. Mann

A modestly budgeted R-rated comedy in the vein of Step Brothers and 40-Year-Old Virgin. An insecure credit analyst anonymously hires a detective to follow HIM to learn how to keep his girlfriend happy, but the insanely competitive, nut job P.I. drives her away and turns his life into an all-out childish war to win her back. Great set-pieces scenes and monologues make it director- and actor-bait. EXCERPTS FROM BLACK LIST COVERAGES * With high energy, inventive jokes, and an empathetic hook, this is a relatable comedy. * Aptly titled, raunchy and ambitious sex comedy with strong romantic elements... * a high-concept premise, and this writer deserves commendation for their keen eye for detail. * JAY, SAL and COLLEEN offer the actors playing them ample opportunities to show off their range.* From a budget perspective, the script reads as largely affordable to produce. * This has pretty good prospects, especially on a streaming service.