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Writer Scripts


Guy Stephens Celin
Mystery & Suspense Drama

Three housewives decide to murder their abusive husband, in order to inherit their dishonestly acquired fortunes. The writer sets the tone on a surreal atmosphere. The black race in this film is heavily emphasized, but not mentioned in the movie. All the characters are black. This is the reason for the surreal atmosphere because the characters are rich and black and live in an era where there is no way a black person could've been rich in America. Instead of going with the stereotype of the white man being the rich and educated one and the black man being either the servant, the thug or the loud one. The movie is setting up black people in a free world without any racial stereotype weighing on them. Although the men seem to be abusive throughout the film, they are facing demons themselves. In the beginning, the women look like victims to abuse, but as the movie progresses, there is more sympathy to the men been exposed. One of the women, Eve, tries to kill Adam, her husband so she can take the insurance money he collected for his car dealership being burnt to the ground. Amanda is intentionally trying to get pregnant to justify her cut for the money, Creon, her husband had worked for. Viola tires to plot a murder from a mobster to kill her husband, Marc.