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Greg Chandler
Horror Mystery & Suspense

It’s 1980, and Wilma, a psychopath addicted to Black Sabbath, PCP, and the occult, shoots her husband and two children for trying to curtail her fun. Her daughter Isabel survives. When Wilma’s released from prison decades later, Isabel, who believes in the power of redemption and forgiveness, makes the deadly decision to invite her mother to move in with her family, in WILMA, a darkly comic psychological horror film, in which we learn that some people never change. Atmospheric and character-driven, WILMA draws inspiration from recent horror classics Get Out, Hereditary, The Babadook, and The Devil’s Candy.


Greg Chandler
Comedy Drama

A dark comic thriller inspired by Tarantino, Russ Meyer, the Coen Brothers, as well as the very real drifters, meth-heads, and elderly cowboy actors who populate the tiny, dirt-road town of Landers, California. RANCHO MIRAGE is the story of Trace Hopwood, a macho, 60-something, retired 1970s movie actor, now living quietly in a remote Mojave Desert house, and his complex relationship with his gay adult son, the mild-mannered Lee, who acts as his reluctant guardian. Trace regrets his decision to leave acting, is trying to stay sober, and has fallen in love with Nelly, a local lounge singer forty years his junior. Trace and Lee’s relationship is put to the test when Trace is attacked by a teenage Manson-like psychopath, Dagwood, and his young female followers. On one hand, a colorful, character-driven, fast-paced action romp; on the other, an exploration of masculinity, the West, and a paean to classic Hollywood.