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Writer Scripts


Greg Chandler
Comedy Drama

A dark comic thriller inspired by Tarantino, Russ Meyer, the Coen Brothers, as well as the very real drifters, meth-heads, and elderly cowboy actors who populate the tiny, dirt-road town of Landers, California. RANCHO MIRAGE is the story of Trace Hopwood, a macho, 60-something, retired 1970s movie actor, now living quietly in a remote Mojave Desert house, and his complex relationship with his gay adult son, the mild-mannered Lee, who acts as his reluctant guardian. Trace regrets his decision to leave acting, is trying to stay sober, and has fallen in love with Nelly, a local lounge singer forty years his junior. Trace and Lee’s relationship is put to the test when Trace is attacked by a teenage Manson-like psychopath, Dagwood, and his young female followers. On one hand, a colorful, character-driven, fast-paced action romp; on the other, an exploration of masculinity, the West, and a paean to classic Hollywood.