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Genre scriptwriter born and raised in Wilton, WI (pop. 500), now living in a haunted forest in Colorado with my wife and two dogs.

My most recent screenplay, KODIAK, is currently in development with Jordan Downey (THE HEAD HUNTER) attached to direct and Tony Todd (CANDYMAN) attached to star.

I love body horror, absurdism, heist movies, practical effects, Italian film scores, Steadicam, slashers, character dramas, surrealism, monsters, psychological horror, fantastic worlds, space, adventure, Technicolor, sledgehammer satire, split diopter, folk horror, anachronisms, acid Westerns, Spaghetti Westerns, Weird West, stop-motion animation, samurai movies, mad scientists, black comedy, crash zooms, slow zooms, transformation sequences, road movies, genre hybrids, mockumentaries, nightmare logic, title songs, setups, payoffs, bug horror, and reversals.

BlueCat finalist, ScreenCraft finalist, GenreBlast finalist, Nightmares finalist, Coverfly Red List, Coverfly Pitch Week selection, HorrOrigins Official Selection, Filmmatic semifinalist, LA Int'l Screenplay semifinalist, Scriptapalooza semifinalist.


Jackson Murray
Drama Sci-Fi & Fantasy

A resourceful Mexican immigrant seeking vengeance and an aging, obsessive baseball player with a propensity for violence find solace in each other and a new drug called Juice as they navigate an increasingly dangerous, absurd world.


Jackson Murray
Drama Horror

Haunted by the death of his movie star wife and the specter of the monster he made famous, an aging horror icon travels with an ambitious rookie producer on a promotional tour across America.