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I'm an attorney by trade, but a writer at heart. I have had one short film produced ("Country Road 12"), have one feature ("The Journeyers") in development with Traffic City Productions, and have a second feature ("Broad Daylight" in development with Acacia Filmed Entertainment. I enjoy writing both comedy and drama, and tend to lean towards indie-themed pieces.

Known For
Country Road 12, Broad Daylight, The Journeyers


Gary Howell
Drama Mystery & Suspense

A bounty hunter becomes entangled with a brutal drug lord he suspects to be involved in his father's mysterious disappearance, but things get complicated when his ex-wife, an FBI agent, gets involved. He also learns that his father's Last Will contains a coded message that may lead to untold fortunes, and it's a race against time and numerous treasure seekers to see who can decode the message first.


Gary M. Howell
Action & Adventure Comedy

A group of high school freshmen try to recruit a former Navy Seal to help them steal the mascot of their rival high school, but when their efforts are hindered by their own principal and a gang of nerds bent on dominating the school, will they be able to bring home the bacon?