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Lou Gardner (he/him) is a transgender, queer, and bipolar screenwriter and fiction writer who writes in collaboration with Sarah Goldstein, a screenwriter and fiction writer. Their work--fun, dark, and often erotic--occupies elaborately constructed, immersive worlds in which strange characters grapple with trauma, forge unlikely friendships, and make bad decisions. Gardner & Goldstein's work seeks to reframe narratives of wealth disparity, trans and queer experience, and masculinity, among others.

Special Skills
Religious Studies


Lou Gardner, Sarah Goldstein
Comedy Drama

On the eve of Y2K, two young women escape a doomsday cult and set off to Las Vegas to make their fortune–and a new life–as poker players.


Lou Gardner, Sarah Goldstein
Mystery & Suspense

A recently widowed young actress investigates the mysterious circumstances of her husband's death only to discover he was a key player in an underground snuff-film industry.