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My name is Fidaus Sulemana, born on the 11th of April, 1996. My hometown is Tamale, in the northern part of Ghana. I grew up with a strong passion for movies and rewriting the same very movies as I couldn't get enough of them, especially, "Hercules". Was my favourite series in my early teens. As years passed on, I had other interests, which are acting, drawing, and singing. SINGING? Haha, ditch that one out. That was the writer in me fantasying about being a very good musician. Fast forward to the year 2018... I started showing serious interest in my writer's aspirations and took the first step by enrolling in a FILM PRODUCTION TERTIARY INSTITUTION in the city, of Accra. I have been fortunate with good lecturers who have taught me more than I ever imagined I did learn. After graduating from the institution in early 2022, I joined multiple writers' groups on Facebook and my oh my, I have learned 100x what I learned in my school years. Joining these WRITING NETWORKS, I am hoping I can fuel my writing career with the right people and guidance, and hopefully, THE BLACKLIST is going to be a testimony I will be giving one day when I stand in front of thousands of SUPERSTARS as I receive my OSCARS AWARD. Haha, a wild dream right, trust me, that's not even wild enough for me. My ambitions go beyond that... and in meeting the right person, I will make sure they become proud to have bet on me. Thank you. God Bless you all. 

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After purchasing a home with unforeseen haunting spirits for their 12th anniversary, a family of three must fight against this evil force to vanquish it from their property or risk losing their son who is marked.