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Writer Scripts


Elexa Madrigan
Horror Mystery & Suspense

Charlie Ward is a silent, troubled, autistic boy and the only resident of Lakeview Residential. Six staff members have been recruited to test a new drug upon him, their task to watch for changes, in hope that it will cure his autism. However, the drug appears to have severe side effects, hallucinations, mood swings and violence. Charlie begins to see a mysterious red lady observing him from the high window of the Big House. The staff are unsure if she is an hallucination or something more sinister. Gradually the disturbing past of Lakeview Residential is unravelled and as Charlie’s treatment progresses, the staff team begin to question and lose their own sense of self, resulting in tragic consequences.... ' This is a slow burn, thematic ensemble, introspective horror drama, existing in a setting where the horror forms a backdrop to the character's own personal demons' Thank you for taking the time to read this..........