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Writer Scripts


Elexa Madrigan
Horror Drama

Lakeview Residential, derelict for thirty years, reopens its creaking iron gates. Secret drug tests are to be conducted upon Charlie Ward; a violent, severely autistic boy. Doctor Jeremiah Mantis is the overseer of the project, his ambition is to erase the condition of autism. He assigns six new staff members; a deadly ensemble of questionable individuals, who barely resemble healthcare professionals, their task is to monitor Charlie’s treatment. Once the drug tests are underway, the care facility’s dark rooms and corridors begin to share their grim, disturbing secrets. Are there dark forces at work inside this ancient care institution? Or are the shadows of the past merely drug induced hallucinations of the present?............“CHAOS REDEMPTION features an immersive mood that effectively applies a classically Gothic sensibility to a fraught, hallucinatory horror riff. The ongoing genre revival stands to benefit offbeat, artistic films of this nature. The derelict facility of Lakeview Residential is creepy and claustrophobic, providing a set of visual environments that keep the reader off balance and out of their comfort zone, it cries out for a great soundtrack. BLACKLIST REVIEW comments 2018.