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Duane Smith (Pen Name: Ebon Lowe) is a Trade Show Logistics Manager who stays busy inventing games, writing novels and trying out new comedy routines at work -- while his supervisor is looking the other way.

He took First Place in a Georgia Fiction Writing contest for his novella, “Big Barth”, and taught a Humanities Enrichment course to gifted students.

In addition to his current writing vocation, he never turns down an opportunity to perform standup comedy at local coffee shops. He also holds U.S. patents for an invention which allows the game of Chess to be played on a billiard table.

Mr. Lowe currently resides in Atlanta with his “anthropomorphic soul mate”, Jinx, a Terrier of questionable ancestry


Duane R. Smith (a.k.a. Ebon Lowe)
Horror Comedy

When two college buddies who have lost their smartphones suspect an alien plot to control humans with technology, they resort to unconventional methods of investigation and team up with four quirky war vets in a last-ditch effort to save humanity.