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Advances in medicine, nutrition and sanitation now allow people to live long enough to pursue and refine more than a single career path, and I believe it is healthy to spread ourselves around. I am an ER doctor, and while, out of necessity and love, I focused much of my effort on medicine during my training and early career, I have always had my hand in creative outlets, more and more over time. I now have a website promoting my portfolio of oil and acrylic paintings (www.ReneesCustomArt.com), and am the author of the blog "Stories From the ER" (ERStoryteller.com). I have written and illustrated a children's picture book, a novel for middle schoolers, and thousands and thousands of breathtaking patient histories and physicals. I took film classes at Wright State University's Department of Motion Pictures during my undergrad years (I was also the department secretary) and though I don't yet have credits in the movie world, I have a love of writing, a wealth of experience from which to mine stories, and the intent to continuously develop my ability to tell them.

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