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Conor Kyle is a screenwriter from Virginia, living in Los Angeles. While honing his writing for several years in LA, he supported himself entirely by working as a professional Dungeons and Dragons gamemaster. He landed an episode for Creepshow in 2019, and placed twice in the Nicholl Fellowship with his scripts "Peter and the Wolves" (quarterfinals, also Launchpad top 10) and The Tube (semifinals). Conor has appeared in sections of the annual Hit List, Young & Hungry List, Spec Book, and on Tracking Board's “Best Writers of the Year” booklet. He specializes in dark genre work with an acidic splash of comedy.

Known For
Peter and the Wolves
Special Skills


Conor Kyle
Mystery & Suspense Comedy

When a conspiracy nut and his estranged cousin uncover dark criminal dealings in their small town, they must take down a human trafficker before he silences them for good.


Conor Kyle
Drama Horror

A fragile teenager in the 1950’s struggles to save her best friend from the terrible curse inside her: a creature unleashed by displays of strong emotion.